Healthy Mommy Program

At Spineck Physical Therapy, we offer personalized physical therapy programs for
  1. Pre Pregnancy : We customize exercises and strengthening program preparing your body for pregnancy. It includes building stronger core, abdominal and back muscles and pelvic floor exercises and get you ready for all the physical stress your body is about to encounter. 
  2. During Pregnancy : Pregnancy causes many physiological changes in the body including ligament laxity, change in posture, altered weight distribution of body and walking patterns. It can lead to low back pain, Sacroiliac joint pain, Sciatica, Symphysis pubis dysfunction, Carpal tunnel syndrome. We help you relieve pregnancy discomforts. We work together with you and your obstetrician. Do not assume that low back is supposed to hurt if you are pregnant. You can very much have a pain free pregnancy. We help you build stronger core, strong postural muscles and pelvic floor muscles so that you stay in shape. 
  3. Post Pregnancy : We are here to care for busy Mom’s health. Helping with post delivery back aches, neck spasms, upper back pain. We help strengthen your back and help to tone up the flabby abdominals. We work around you and your baby’s schedule giving you the best care you need.


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