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Devanshi Modi June 01, 2021

6 Mistakes to Avoid while doing Abdominal Crunches

Doing crunches and Ab workout? – Caution!
If you are the one who does multiple abdominal crunches, sit ups, curls for getting a flat belly or as a part of abdominal work out after watching YouTube videos or following blogs this post is meant for you. Following are the 6 common mistakes.

1. Not activating Core muscles
While doing a curl up you must always start with tucking your belly button gently in (without holding your breath) this will cause the stabilizing action of the abdominal muscle.

2. Sitting up too high
Gently lift your shoulder till the shoulder blade so that the upper back is off the mat. A full sit up is not necessary because once the upper back is cleared off the floor. The rest of the movement is performed by the hip flexor muscles. So, going up high does not mean you are working your muscles more.

3. Arching your back
During crunches the low back should not arch and should stay in contact with the mat if it does not, reduce the level of exercise.

4. Arm Position
Arm position can decide the difficulty level of the exercise. Arm being by side of body being easiest, followed by arms crossed on chest and toughest being arm overhead.

5. Straining your neck
Make sure you do not lead the movement with neck muscles or stain your neck. The neck is to be in line with the body.

6. Using Shoulder muscles to do the curl
Do not perform the curl with arm muscles and shoulder blade movement. Use tummy muscles for the movement.


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