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Devanshi Modi June 10, 2021

6 Mistakes to Avoid while doing McKenzie Lumbar Extensions

Here are the most common mistakes while doing Mckenzie Lumbar extensions

1. Using back muscles while coming up in cobra pose
Always remember lumbar backward bend is passive. The back muscles should not be used at all while doing the backward bend. All the work of doing the press up is by the arm muscles. It is normal to feel sore in triceps after doing repeated press ups. We are trying to achieve the backward bend motion without using the back extensors.

2. Not going to the end range of extension
It is important to go to the end range of lumbar extension. Breathing out at the end gives a little extra range in the extension movement.

3. Incorrect position of hand while starting the press up
The starting position of hands is under the shoulder. Having it higher gives more of thoracic spine extension as compared to lumbar.

4. Leading the movement with neck extension
Do not strain the neck while doing the backward bend. We do not want cervical spine extension

5. Lifting up the pelvis
Make sure the part below the area where we wear belt stays on the table focusing on lumbar spine extension

6. Not doing them enough times
It is important to do it 4-5 times/day (set of 7-10 reps) or as advised by your Mckenzie therapist and be aware of postures and economics during daily activities.

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